DIY: chocolate Easter eggs

Hello, guys! You may have noticed that I don't write DIY posts, because I don't do small things anymore. This time I decided to make some gifts for my relatives and I thought that it would be nice to make a blog post about that. I know it's not related to fashion, but keep in mind that Easter is in a few days. "Easter outfit ideas" sounds quite silly, right?
Let's start!

All you need for this DIY is some balloons, dark chocolate (2 or 3 bars depending on how many eggs you want to make) and white chocolate for decorating, but it's not necessary. They wil look really nice even without white chocolate on top of them. I also bought some little chocolate eggs to put inside the handmade ones.

Blow ballons, make them the size you want, wash and my suggestion is to spread them with a thin layer of oil. Otherwise, it will be hard to remove the balloon and the egg will crack.

Break the chocolate in squares and melt it. I put the bowl with chocolate on the top of pot with boiling water. You can use a microwave to melt the chocolate just make sure the bowl doesn't have any metal on it. That's an obvious thing, but I know what happens in the kitcen when your mind is somewhere else. That's why I never cook.

Then dip the ballon into the chocolate, but leave the knot and some space around it clear.

Dry the balloons and decorate them with white chocolate when they are hal dried. When both white and brown chocolate are completely dried ouf, keep them in a fridge or in a freezer for half an hour. Then take them out, cut some holes and carefully separate ballons from the chocolate. By the way, with 3 bars of dark chocolate I made 12 big eggs.

If everything goes right, you will have some cute chocolate Easter eggs. I think these are a perfect gift for your loved ones. Their beauty depends on your imagination ant patience (which I wasn't). For the same price I could have made brownies or something, but I didn't want to burn the kitchen, did I? You still have some time to make these, so don't be lazy and surprise you friends and family!

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