One more not OOTD post. I don't know why, but I really wanted to talk about sweatshirts and couldn't wait any longer.

One year ago I loved blazers, but sweatshirts easily replaced them. First of all, sweatshirt is comfortable and warm, just perfect for school or grocery shopping. Also, you can dress it up. It looks beautiful not only with skinny jeans or shorts. You can wear a sweatshirt with all kinds of mini skirts or even a midi skirt. You will have to work harder to make that work, of course.

I would like to show you some cute and funny sweatshirts I have been seeing on the Internet for a really long time and which instantly got in my "I want these" list and others that I would love to have.

1) The first place goes to Lithuanian brand "horse head label", which is already popular in Lithuania and I can see why. These clothes are created for active people who are always in a rush. The decor is minimal, but eye-catching and stylish. It creates fresh and clean look, which is all you need when there's no time for changing your clothes for 10 times before leaving the house. These are quite pricey (58€), but it's definitely the right price for an original great quality piece. 

2) I'm in love with this "Mama pasiuvo" one, which means "Mom has sewn" in English. I coulnd't stop laughing the first time I saw it. It would be impossible to be sad while wearing this sweatshirt and it would make others smile as well.  I say YES for Lithuanian brands!!!

3) Wearing anything Beyonce related is an excuse to look like a mess. And if you don't know where those notes came from, we can't be friends. 

3) Anything cute. This word follows me everywhere I go, no matter how hard I try to get rid of this label. Now I just embraced that. Sweatshirts below are from OASAP and would be esay to wear with wider skirts, because the bottom is not tight.


  1. The colourful ones are the best! Love them<3


  2. I love sweatshirts too and I need one of those Beyoncé's sweatshirts in my wardrobe :D x


  3. I'm looking for a new sweatshirt, these are great choices!

  4. NICE!!! :) VERY CUTE


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