Little piece of burgundy velvet

Hey! Today is the last day of summer, but autumn has been in my head for quite a while now and it somehow associates with burgundy color. That's why bare legs were the only sign of hot weather and holidays. The velvet dress I was wearing is actually the one I made half a year ago, but it's too open for casual looks, so I thought that it would look good with a cardigan or just something to cover up with. My final outfit turned out to be kind of "out of bed" with a twist of grunge.

Let's leave summer behind us, shall we? I don't know about you, but I can already see a bunch of things that I will have to deal with coming this autumn and my last year of school in general. Be positive and make adventures happen!

dress: mine | shirt, clutch: vintage | shoes: Deichmann


  1. Gražu! Aš tavęs įkvėpta įsigijau panašius marškinius (deja, ne tokius ilgus ir ne flanelinius - bet gal pasiseks ateity rast ir tokius) ^^

    1. Kaip malonu, jei mano pomėgis ne tik smagiai žiūrisi, bet dar ir įkvepia! Dėkui ;>

  2. super:) xx