Remember that picture of your mom wearing a midi skirt and a slightly larger blouse or even a baggy sweater? I'm sure you do! I love those looks, so this is my version.

What I wanted was a modern vintage outfit. While I admire the style my mom had, I still don't want to forget my favorite pieces. Light-colored (in my case, ivory and beige) clothes and a pair of black shoes might not sound good at first, but I think that accessories helped me to keep the balance. Also, it's finally sweater weather again! I've been waiting the whole summer for it to come back. Besides, knitwear is always a trend during the cold season!


skirt, neck accessory: mine | sweater: thrifted | bag: vintage | shoes: Deichmann | watch: Parfois

I'm sure you've noticed that the photos are different from what you usually see. That's because I was lucky to work with a very talented photographer!
Visit her page SV Photography to see her beautiful works