About fur coats

Hello! Officially winter starts in two days, so I thought it's a great time to start doing two things: preparing for Christmas and wearing fur coats. I'm definitely failing with the first one, but the second is a lot easier. I prefer simple and minimal looks, because a fur coat itself (doesn't matter if it's real or faux) is luxurious, so elaborate layering might be just too much. Many layers underneath simply make it difficult to move and feel comfortable. What is more, I thnik that if the coat covers your thighs, it is better to avoid midi skirts, especially the new look silhouette. Skirts and dresses look the best when they are the same lenght as the coat or shorter. Those are only my tips, but maybe you'll find them useful as well :)

fur coat: vintage (mom's) | jeans: Pull&Bear | sweater: thrifted | bag: vintage | shoes: Deichmann

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  1. It's always good to know a little something about fur coats when winter is here. But how about you being so pretty. ..