Woman crush: Alexa Chung

If this name doesn't sound familiar to you, where have you been all this time? One of the most successful women of the century is a muse to many designers and inspires many fashion lovers all around the world. A model, TV presenter, contributing editor to British Vogue and an author (several clothing lines to add to this list, too) has been the it girl sice forever. Not only does she have a flawless sense of style, her personality is also something to admire.

Why do I admire her so much? For one, the girl knows how to slay the red carpet. Also, she rocks the streets with her everyday style. We can all learn from her and improve our looks even on the laziest days.
  • Comfort comes first. Of course, everyone is guilty for wearing those killer heels just because they look good, trying not to breathe in a tight dress or something like that. We all have been there at least once.We often forget that feeling free brings so much confidence.
  • Jeans and basics. This duo always looks clean and stylish, so you just can't go wrong with that, spice up with some accessories.
  • Just the right amount of makeup. Or makeup-free. Forget that Kim K/Kylie Jenner "Instagram face", because it makes all faces look pretty much the same and that is not a cool look. Better embrace your natural features.

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  1. Always adore her style and I'm a big fans of her!