I'm officialy done with high school. Not that I hated it or anything, but every ending is a new beginning, so I can't wait to find out what's up next. I only attended an official part where we got our diplomas. I had to be at work the day after and that is why I did not celebrate with my classmates and parents after the first part. No memorable "prom party", but I had the loveliest evening and it was just as great as partying with those epic people. With that being said, I cannot help but notice how both interesting and crazy is this whole prom thing. 

Even though I had to catch the train back to Vilnius and literally ran out of the church, I wanted to look my best. Not every day you get a chance to dress up and look all fancy. I had an idea of what I wanted since Christmas, so I started buying fabrics for my tulle skirt around that time. It was hard to sew it properly and I was so tired that the result didn't please me. I later bought a top from H&M and then for sure knew I didn't want to wear this assemble. Yes, such things happen to me. The top was too long, but the problem was easily solved and that changed the entire look. A couple of days before the event, I bought the shoes and then took a look in the mirror again. This time, I couldn't wait to do my makeup and go out. Everything went well, I was super relaxed and had a lovely time getting ready with my mom. 

I kept my hair and makeup simple, then added a pair of noticeable earrings and that was a great finish. How stupid of me it was to think about another outfit for a graduation ceremony?

However, this craziness regarding prom looks goes out of hand sometimes. I watched so many girls be unhappy with their looks after spending hundreds on their dresses they will probably never wear again, professional makeup and fancy hairstyles. The bar is set way too high and it is unnecessary just like most of the other occasions. While graduation is mostly the finish line of this one chapter in life, it is one of the most commercial celebrations. There is no need to get ANYTHING done professionally. It was obvious that simplicity and natural looks always win, especially talking about young women who are not even in their twenties, and yet they are pressured into looking like completely different people not only by the media, but their moms too. I hope this slowly changes, because seeing my classmates be unhappy with their looks after spending so much on them, was underwhelming. 

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