Searching for a perfect backpack


Hello! It's back to school time. This year I'm starting a university, so I decided that it's time to get some new stuff. I already have a couple of items for my dorm room and maybe I'll do a haul post later, but first things first. I need a new, stylish backpack to carry all my stuff in. The problem with me is that even during the summer I manage to put so many things into my purse that my hand either hurts as hell or I can't feel it at all. A shoulder bag would be an option, but I need a backpack more to carry a laptop, books and anything else that I might or might not need. A leather backpack which would last me for a really long time would be nice, but it's way above my budget (I don't want to spend more than 80 euros). And 80 is still a lot for a student, but I want to stop wasting my money on low quality purchases.

You can see my top picks, but the ones I want the most will probably be too small for a laptop and I'm not sure about the quality of those from amazon. I'm looking for a black one, because I want it to match with all of my clothes. It won't be easy to find all features in one item, but I'm still positive about that. That's what I call looking for the impossible.

We all know how hard it is to find a perfect backpack. It has to fit a lot (laptop included), the design must be flawless and it has to have at least a few pockets inside. No one wants a phone floating around together with other belongings. If you know any brands or online stores that I might like, I'd be happy to see them.


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